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I made a post about the TS status in the Members Area. [link]
a gould houes... sounds creepy.
guild... a guild houes...
We have a gould house!!!
Tips and Tricks this week are about the Cross Hotbar and how it can help PC(non-controller) players.

Watch live video from DucoSan on Twitch

Watch live video from DucoSan on Twitch

Hey Everyone! I wanted to give a little update on the Raffle. It looks like the changes in prices and ticket cap are preferred. So we'll be keeping it like it is for a while.

I'm also trying something new with the weekly video to make it a little more entertaining. Check it out and let me know what you think! If you have any ideas that you'd like to see in the video let me know. (EDIT: Link for the Tips & Tricks Thread)

Watch live video from DucoSan on Twitch
I also wanted to address a concern a few of you may have. There was something mentioned that people are depositing Gil for tickets but our max Gil isn't rising very much, why does our GM keep taking the Gil back out!?

There's 3 main reasons I wanted to start up the Raffle.

First, it's something fun all members can participate in. Whether you're a Crusader and part of our progression, or and Adventurer who only plays a few hours a week or even Footmen and have recently joined us. It's something no one is excluded from.

Second, we were having a hard time determining a fair way to hand out the items from Gardening. Some people play a lot and have plenty of Gil to donate for seeds and Soil, some people have to work or just don't have much time to go gathering. So handing out items based on donation didn't seem very fair to those that try to help but couldn't do as much as others with more time.

Third, we need a way to get a semi-steady flow of Gil coming in. At first everyone was excited to get a house and we had a goal! After getting it though donations stopped. Unfortunately the Gardening can get quite expensive! I've set it up right now that I'm trying to get a continuous production of Onions and still get Pets/Chocobo Feed/Glazenuts ect.. It works pretty well but unfortunately sometimes the RNG just is not in favor and for me to keep the Garden from being empty I have to buy Seeds off the Market. Depending on the timing, things like the Royal Kukaru Seeds and Curiel Root Seeds can go for 200 to 300 thousand.

While I do have a goal of trying to get a nice nest egg of around 5 Mil in case we need to buy something in the future, I'd prefer we do what we can now to keep the flow and supply our members with the fun and helpful items from gardening.

So in ending, I can assure you I'm not the type of GM to do something shady like take Money or Items for personal use. If you're ever concerned with anything you see, feel free to hit me up about it, I'll show the transactions or the list of my pets. Even if it doesn't seem shady but just plain stupid, let me (or an officer) know. We'll go over reasoning and better ways to do things with any member.

Hey Everyone! We've made a few updates to the weekly Raffle. Basically we've added more choices for the reward and made adjustments on the max number of tickets you can purchase per week and adjustments to ticket prices to match. These changes will make it so some of our more casual players who don't have a ton of Gil to blow and only want to buy 1 or 2 tickets have a more balanced chance of winning. You can view all the details on the Asylum Raffle page.

Also Behavior Modification is setting up a Casual Raid Group. If you're interested in seeing some of the End-Game Content or just want to have a good time and get to know some of the FC members better, please check out his Forum Post. It would also be helpful if any of our more experience players are available to help out the group for Primals or Coil 1-5.

1st weeks Raffle!

[GM] Duco a posted Aug 25, 14
Congratulations Aeolus on being the first winner of the Asylum Raffle! We were very pleased with the number of people that participated, 11 members with 475 tickets being sold. We've made a couple adjustments for this coming week.

1st because online activity seems to be higher, we'll do the Roll on Saturday Evenings instead of Monday and 2nd, to make sure those that have trouble posting on our forums have a chance to play, we'll no longer update the Forums Thread, instead I've updated the Asylum Raffle page.

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